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Miniature Landscapes

These are miniature landscape paintings of places that I have visited and places that I would like to visit. An art work should draw your attention and move you closer, which is why they are small. The scenes are from the south of England and Europe. Not only do the paintings show reality but also surreal and bizarre depictions of scenes that you would not normally see in real life. The scenes are a 21st century observation of  landscapes and portrayed approached in a traditional 18th and 19th century concept, of it being small. The paintings are from primary source photographs and also secondary source images. The mediums used are oil and acrylic on card paper. The scenes are documentations of what I have seen.


Through life experiences, you can create a narrative, which is when your imagination can take old, as you can appropriate and reform and recreate.

Everybody has a story to tell, and how do we tell stories? Through what you experience in life, whether it is something traumatic, uplifting or through inspiration. Life influences art.





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